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“The world economy is inherently flawed and will continue to face challenges … a new paradigm of cooperation and service must replace the old paradigm of greed, conflict, competition, and war.” Excerpt from “Creating a Global Village” by D.G. Safeer Hopton, Global Village Co-op Founder/Board Chairman


In  cooperation with a global credit/debit issuer and an international credit/debit card processor, the Global Village Co-op offers a unique individual and community empowerment program that recycles money back to its Members. All cash rewards are paid electronically through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) to the bank or credit union account designated by each Global Village Member. The Global Village Prosperity Card technology is similar to Supermarket Discount Cards. However, in contrast to Supermarket Cards, the Prosperity Card can earn cash rewards for the Cardholder with any merchant in the world that accepts debit or credit cards.

To receive cash rewards of up to 20%, Global Village Members simply swipe their Prosperity Card with participating merchants and then pay with cash, check, Debit/Credit Card, Gift Card, or whatever form of payment the merchant accepts. All cash rewards earned are electronically deposited into the bank/credit union account designated by the Member/Cardholder. Global Village membership is free so everyone can reap the benefits of earning cash rewards.

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