Gold Pages Shopping Mall

  • Free online advertising
  • Unique methods to attract new customers
  • Retention of Existing Customers
  • Earning of residual income when existing customers shop with you and other merchants online or in their neighborhood

Global Village makes it possible for any business to participate in this one-of-a-kind sales-generating program exclusively designed and developed by Global Village.

Free Advertising

Global Village Merchant-Memberships are absolutely “free” and includes “free” online advertising with multiple category listings in the “Gold Pages Shopping Mall.” The only cost to the Merchant-Member is a “cash reward” he or she agrees to pay when a Global Village “Member” makes a purchase at their business. To enable online or brick and mortar merchants to offer “cash rewards,” Merchant-Members must accept the Global Village Prosperity Card in conjunction with cash, check, debit card, credit card, gift card, or whatever form of payment they accept.

 Value Added Services

  • Online Website Promotions and Displays to attract Global Village Members as customers to their business.
  • Financial Management Tracking System that enables Merchant-Members to earn residual income when their existing customers purchase products/services from other Merchant-Members.
  • Multiple Category Listings/Display Advertising in the “Gold Pages Shopping Mall” online.
  • Free Hyper-Links from the Global Village Website to Merchant-Member Websites.

It’s Good Business to Reward Customers

Merchant-Members of Global Village believe it is good business to reward customers for their patronage. This ensures that their business will always have new customers eager to purchase their products and services. Since every business is unique, the Merchant-Members decide the percentage amount to pay back to Global Village. This “cash reward” percentage is debited electronically from the merchant bank account of each Merchant-Member – hassle free and no extra records to keep. This unprecedented service connects each merchant to Global Village’s growing database of buyers and Members worldwide.

Global Village Programs

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