Entrepreneurship as a Career Network (ECN)

ECN is an ongoing entrepreneurship training program designed for GV Ambassadors and/or business students. All training is accomplished through in person group classes and ECN’s 24/7 on-demand Internet TV network aired on Global Village TV. The primary focus of ECN is to teach entrepreneurship as a career, which include computer technology, sales, marketing, accounting, financial management, advertising, public relations, and business development. ECN will accredit 1,000 to 10,000 new GV Ambassadors per month nationally and internationally. ECN will also conduct seminars and workshops that will prepare and enable GV Members/Ambassadors to start and operate their own businesses. Additionally, ECN in cooperation with GV provides a practical approach/model for people/Members to buy and sell from each other. This process creates numerous opportunities for local/global social and economic collaborations wherein individuals learn from each other by sharing knowledge and solutions.

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