Prosperity (lyrics)

From Global Village Volume I: One for the Ancestors (Compilation CD)

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The time, time, time

We have all been waiting for

Is finally here

And we know, know, know

Within ourselves

Who we are

Those of us who accept


For creating our own lives

Moment by moment

Have always been looking

For a platform big enough

To fully express, and manifest

Our dreams, and aspirations

Our dreams, and aspirations

The universal consciousness

Connecting us all together

Has made it clear now

Now is the time

To guide the world

Into a new and divine

Prosperity – of health and wealth

Prosperity – of both health and wealth

And we all know

When people work together, yeah

All things are not only possible

But are completed and done

More importantly they get done


Prosperity Abundance in our lives

You know it’s in the blueprint

And our divine right

You know when you can perceive it

You will truly believe it too



Prosperity, all over the world

Prosperity – World

We are the one

Under the Sun

Let’s have some fun

And love everyone

Prosperity Wo woy

Prosperity Wo oh oh

Prosperity Wo wo oh

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